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What everyday objects (okay; everyday objects in 1830s Paris) play a “matchmaking” role in Act I of La Bohème, when Mimí and Rodolfo meet?

  1. A handkerchief, prayer book and key
  2. An umbrella, a handkerchief and a slipper
  3. A candle, a key and a match
  4. A bell, a book and a candle.

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ANSWER: It’s #3: The candle, key and match did the matchmaking magic!

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What’s the rough translation of the famous aria (sung by Rodolfo and Mimí) Che gelida manina?

  1. You look so beautiful in the moonlight
  2. Your tiny hands are frozen
  3. You are my one true love
  4. Here, let me kiss you

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ANSWER: It’s #2: “Your tiny hands are frozen.”

Poet Rodolfo sings this to Mimí soon after they meet for the first time. It’s dark, their candles are out, and the attic apartment is very cold.


Opera IQ Test
Week 1: Feb. 8, 2018

Question: What does “Die Fledermaus” mean in English?
Answer: The bat

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